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The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) considers education to be a core component of its mission. If everyone in the healthcare continuum, including patients, learns more about the nature and causes of medication errors, there is a greater possibility of preventing errors and ensuring safe medication use.

With this goal in mind, ISMP continually devotes time, energy, and resources to educational initiatives. ISMP has an abundance of experience in presenting continuing education sessions, nationwide. Topics range from prevention of medication errors in specialty settings to error-prevention strategies for drug labels, storage, and packaging; as well as the use of automation and electronic prescribing to reduce error risk.

ISMP speakers travel extensively throughout the US and internationally to speak about medication safety and adverse drug event prevention. Sponsoring organizations have included professional associations, chain pharmacy corporations, hospitals, professional liability firms, risk management companies, drug database providers; and medical, nursing and pharmacy schools.

All of ISMP’s educational programming routinely attracts large audiences. Listed below are samplings of topics that have been presented to community/ambulatory audiences.  ISMP can work with your group to best meet the needs of your organization.

Medication Errors

  • Roadmap to Medication Error Prevention:  Identifying System-Based Causes of Medication Errors
  • A Team Approach to Improving Medication Use and Decreasing Medication Errors
  • High-Alert Medications and High-Risk Processes
  • Preventing Errors with Look-Alike and Sound-Alike Drug Names
  • Medication Reconciliation – Barriers Between Community Pharmacies and Emergency Departments Identified
  • Top 10 Adverse Drug Reactions and Medication Errors
  • Communication and Medication Errors
  • Creating a Safer Prescription Label for Patients / Prescription and OTC Labels’ Impact on Safety
  • The Impact of Low Health Literacy on Patient Safety

Quality Improvement Related

  • Why Reporting Errors Makes A Difference
  • Performing Failure Mode And Effects Analysis In Community Pharmacy
  • Performing Root Cause Analysis in Community Pharmacy
  • Role of Human Factors in Medication Errors
  • Assessing Risk and Developing Strategies to Keep Patients Safe in Community Pharmacy
  • Just Culture and the Role of Accountability in Medication Safety
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CAQI) and Boards of Pharmacy
  • Technology and Medication Errors: Help or Hindrance?
  • Finding Medication Errors at Point of Sale: Trigger Clues
  • Examples and Analysis of Medication Errors Originating at Data Entry in Community Pharmacy Operations
  • Managing the Pharmacy Workflow to Minimize Errors
  • Improving Medication Safety in Community Pharmacy: Assessing Risk and Opportunities for Change

Patient Focused

  • The Patient’s Role in Medication Safety / Educating Patients About Medication Error Prevention

Speaker Fees
The requesting organization is expected to pay an honorarium and all related expenses. The amount will be based upon the speaker,  presentation time, and travel time.

How to Request a Speaker
To request a speaker, contact ISMP at 215-947-7797. You can also complete the on-line PresentationRequest Form

ISMP will make every reasonable effort to fulfill requests with the most qualified individuals. Upon confirmation, the speaker will work directly with the requestor to develop the presentation. All promotional material for the program must be reviewed by ISMP in advance of publication.

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