The ISMP National Medication and Vaccine Errors Reporting Programs

More than 35 years ago, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) established a cornerstone of its medication error-prevention efforts—a voluntary practitioner error-reporting program to learn about medication errors happening across the nation, understand their causes, and share “lessons learned” with the healthcare community. Today, ISMP operates three national reporting programs:

  • The National Medication Errors Reporting Program (ISMP MERP)
  • The National Vaccine Errors Reporting Program (ISMP VERP)
  • The National Consumer Medication Errors Reporting Program (ISMP C-MERP)

While ISMP widely disseminates case studies of events and what has been learned about the causes and prevention of medication and vaccine errors, identifiable details regarding individual events, where they occurred, and the identity of patients, involved staff, and reporters remains strictly confidential. Your identity, affiliation, and location will NOT be revealed in any ISMP publications.

ISMP encourages healthcare practitioners and consumers to report medication errors, vaccine errors, preventable adverse drug reactions, close calls, and hazards to ISMP. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Errors when prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, and administering medications/vaccines
  • Errors related to patient monitoring of the effects of medications and vaccines
  • Errors with medications or vaccines that are captured before they reach the patient
  • Potential or actual confusion regarding look- and sound-alike drug or vaccine names, packaging similarities, or label ambiguity
  • Misuse, nonuse, or malfunction of medication-related tools (e.g., syringes, needles), equipment (e.g., tubing, infusion pumps), and technology (e.g., computerized order entry systems, barcode scanning)

Please do NOT submit any provider- or patient-identifiable information.

Without reporting, adverse events associated with medications may go unrecognized, and important epidemiological and preventive information would not be available to the healthcare community.

Click on the appropriate button below if you are ready to report an error or hazard to ISMP through one of our reporting programs.

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