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ISMP Medication Safety Self Assessment ® for Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADC)

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To enter your data. Although you still may enter your information, in order to obtain your scores, your data will not be included in the aggregate results. Allow 15 to 20 minutes to enter all of your data. After you select submit, at the end of data entry, you will be prompted to print both your data and your scoring information. Please print your information at that time. It will be your only opportunity to print your document along with the resultant score.

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To view and print the ISMP Medication Safety Self Assessment® for Automated Dispensing Cabinets

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To view and print the Guidance on the Interdisciplinary Safe Use of Automated Dispensing Cabinets

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To view and print the Quality Improvement Workbook. Once you have received your scores, we encourage you to utilize this workbook (which contains comparative data collected from responses submitted between June 2009 and February 2010) to assist you in identifying and prioritizing opportunities for improvement related to the safe use of automated dispensing cabinets.

ISMP is a federally certified patient safety organization (PSO), providing legal protection and confidentiality for submitted patient safety data and error reports.

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