Acute Care Volume 24, Issue 7

Medication Safety Alert! April 11, 2019

In this week's issue:

  • ISMP Celebrates Your Contribution to Our Success During Our 25th Anniversary
  • Sidebar: ISMP Impact on the Healthcare Community
  • Worth repeating…PCA pump keys available online
  • Risk of IV bupivacaine administration
  • Morphine vial tampering
  • NCCN and The Joint commission back ISMP vinca alkaloids “Call to Action”
  • Sound-alike antidote error prevention
  • Overdoses related to “pill dumping” into a spare medication vial
  • Acute Care Action Agenda (January - March 2019)
Featured article

Since 1994, when ISMP first became the nation’s only nonprofit organization devoted entirely to preventing medication errors, we have served as a vital force for progress in medication safety through our unyielding advocacy and the development of resources and learning opportunities for healthcare providers and consumers. As we reflect on our 25 years of existence (1994-2019) and the remarkable achievements that have been made in medication safety along the way, we recognize that we have certainly not done it alone. Only with your help has ISMP been able to pursue its unique mission to advance...

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