Error Reporting for Consumers

The Consumer Medication Errors Reporting Program (ISMP C-MERP) is an internationally recognized source for medication error information.  When you report an error or safety concern, you make it possible for ISMP to uncover the causes of a problem that could affect thousands of patients like you.  It only takes a few moments  and it’s simple and confidential. Help us prevent this error from happening again.

Who Should Report a Medication Error

Whether you are a patient, family member, or caregiver you can report a medication error. If you are reporting on behalf of someone you know, ask their permission to report the incident.

How to Report a Medication Error

We ask that you provide as much detail in your report as possible so our experts can analyze what happened and share recommendations with the medical community and other consumers. 

Specifically, include the following:

  • The details of what went wrong 
  • What you think caused the error 
  • How you discovered there was an error 
  • What happened as a result of the error 
  • Details about the product (e.g., name, dose, package description) 
  • Any associated, de-identified materials that you think would be helpful (e.g., photographs of the products, containers, labels, product storage locations)

What We Do Once We Receive Your Report 

After you submit your confidential report, ISMP staff will review your report and begin an investigation.  We may follow up with you to ask additional questions to clarify what happened and why it occurred. 
ISMP will notify the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the drug or device company, if the report involves a specific product or device concern, so they can begin to address any serious problems.  We will then offer recommendations to consumers and the medical community to prevent future errors.  

NOTE:  ISMP will not share your personal information without your specific permission

For Consumers: Report a Medication Error