Guidelines for Safe Implementation and Use of Smart Pumps

The ISMP Guidelines for Use of Smart Infusion Pumps are currently being updated. Public comments were accepted through March 2019 and the draft document is being finalized.


The ISMP Smart Pump Summit was held in suburban Philadelphia over two days. Topics discussed included implementation, drug libraries, and clinical practice. The panel was randomly divided into small interdisciplinary groups to discuss each of the topics, which were then presented to the full panel for consensus. ISMP analyzed the consensus recommendations and utilized their expertise to develop the guidelines based on those recommendations.

Safe processes were developed by facilitated group consensus, with final analysis and oversight of the recommendations by ISMP staff. Each process was defined by one or more key characteristics of a safe medication system, as defined by ISMP’s conceptual model, the Key Elements of the Medication Use System. These core processes developed by the forum were made available for public comment.

The Guidelines are currently being updated by ISMP.

A copy of the 2009 Guidelines can be downloaded below.

How to cite: Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP). ISMP Guidelines for Safe Implementation and Use of Smart Pumps; 2009.

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