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These resources are developed from ISMP's review of reports through its national error reporting programs, peer-reviewed articles in its publications, and/or consensus gathering summits on topics pertinent to specific errors  or hazards. ISMP offers a wide range of downloadable and easy to use resources. Many are free.

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Collect critical information after a medication error or near-miss occurs. Identify, prioritize, and record problems in your facility's medication use system.
At the request of sanofi aventis , and as a public service, ISMP has agreed to provide a link to a letter from them regarding recent reports of label adherence issues with LOVENOX (enoxaparin) 30 mg and 40 mg prefilled unit dose syringes. The letter provides additional information about avoiding...
Generic enoxaparin syringe issue . In the last issue we wrote about a problem with the manufacturer’s label coming loose on certain Lovenox (enoxaparin) unit-dose syringes (30 mg and 40 mg). This week, Sandoz, which recently released generic enoxaparin, confirmed a different problem with some of its...
This list includes selected proprietary names that contain a suffix, along with the meaning of the suffix.