Nistha Shah PharmD

2019-2020 International Medication Safety Management Fellow Supported by Novartis, Name Creation & Regulatory Strategy

Nistha attended Temple University School of Pharmacy located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The initial interest in medication safety sparked during her time at ISMP as an Advanced Professional Practice Experience student as part of her fourth year of pharmacy rotations.  After graduating pharmacy school, she pursued PGY 1 pharmacy practice residency at Nazareth Hospital and continued to promote medication safety. She had opportunity to work on various projects including instating blood pressure holding parameters, optimizing vancomycin monitoring, developing non-opioid alternative order sets, and so forth. Nistha was also actively involved in Patient Safety, Medication Management, Pharmacy and Therapeutics, and Clinical Improvement committees. Being from India and going on a mission trip to Guatemala as a pharmacy student made her realize that on global level there is a need for standardization of medication safety to promote safe medical practice. Nistha hopes to gain knowledge from medication safety experts at ISMP, to impact patient safety on a global level.

Nistha Shah