As an organization that works with employers, individual consumers, and healthcare professionals to pay for healthcare services or offer professional liability insurance, there are increasing demands on you to play a greater role in preventing medication errors. Whether you are a public insurer, private insurer, or pharmacy benefit management company, ISMP’s many resources can help you keep your members safe.

The featured offerings will connect you to a wide range of ISMP educational programs, consulting services, publications, expert speakers, and more that will enhance your ability to reduce risk and maximize value for your services. 

These resources are built on years of analysis of thousands of real-life error reports by ISMP’s experienced staff, as well as direct visits to hundreds of practices sites. 


This issue's featured article: this issue: Using a Spare Medicine Vial to Hold Multiple Daily Medicines Can Be Dangerous
This issue's featured article: Will your child need to take medicine at school? Prepare for the new school year to reduce the risk of errors
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This month's main topic: Errors Due to the Presentation of Results on Accu-Chek Inform II and Possibly Other Glucometers
This month's main topic: Call to Action: Longstanding Strategies to Prevent Accidental Daily Methotrexate Dosing Must be Implemented
This month's main topic: IV Push Gap Analysis Tool (GAT) Helps Uncover National Priorities for Safe Injection Practices
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This month's main topic: Another Round of the Blame Game: A paralyzing Criminal Indictment that Recklessly “Overrides” Just Culture