Acute Care Providers

As an inpatient healthcare provider, you may find it challenging to keep your patients safe from the risk of medication errors.

Whether you are an administrator in the C-Suite or a front-line practitioner, ISMP has resources that will help guide you to identify risk and implement strategies to improve safe medication use. The offerings linked on this page feature ISMP services, programs, and publications for error prevention and risk reduction, including consulting services that can help provide solutions to your safety challenges and expand your knowledge base. 

These resources are built on years of analysis of thousands of real-life error reports by ISMP’s experienced staff, as well as direct visits to hundreds of practices sites. 


This month's main topic: Common Missteps with Medication Safety: Rolling a Single Dice, Ineffective Strategies, and Unexecuted Action Plans
This month's main topic: Mix-ups Between Epidural Analgesia and IV Antibiotics in Labor and Delivery Units Continue to Cause Harm
This month's main topic: What’s in a Name? Survey Finds Wide Variety of Error-Prone Newborn Naming Conventions in Use Today
This month's main topic: RITUXAN HYCELA and HERCEPTIN HYLECTA Must Be Given Subcutaneously, Despite Large Dose Volumes
This month's main topic: Call to Action: Longstanding Strategies to Prevent Accidental Daily Methotrexate Dosing Must be Implemented
This month's main topic: IV Push Gap Analysis Tool (GAT) Helps Uncover National Priorities for Safe Injection Practices
This month's main topic: Part II: Survey Results Suggest Action Is Needed to Improve Safety with Adult IV Push Medications
This month's main topic: A Lot Happens When You Report a Hazard or Error to ISMP – There’s No “Black Hole” Here!
This month's main topic: Errors Due to the Presentation of Results on Accu-Chek Inform II and Possibly Other Glucometers
This month's main topic: Published Review of Independent Double Checks Shouldn’t Dissuade Providers from Using Them Judiciously
This month's main topic: Independent Double Checks: Worth the Effort if Used Judiciously and Properly
This month's main topic: Another Round of the Blame Game: A paralyzing Criminal Indictment that Recklessly “Overrides” Just Culture
This month's main topic: Speaking Up about Patient Safety Requires an Observant Questioner and a High Index of Suspicion